Great Scottish Run – Sunday 5th October – 01:44:40

The acclaimed Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami wrote a book entitled “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”

He wrote 192 pages about it

My book would be allot shorter. I talk about stopping running.

From the moment I started until I crossed the finish line, the only thing I could think about was stopping. I felt fine before the ran. I felt great after the run. I couldn’t be arsed during the run. A psychologist would say its my inner chimp telling me to stop but chimps don’t talk, they go “ook!”

When a psychologist tells me to listen to my inner chimp then I’d question their sanity not mine!

One positive note – I managed to listen to exactly three pod-casts of Desert Island Discs on the way round so thanks to Lawrence Dellagio, Alex Salmond and someone I can’t remember for entertaining me! As I crossed the finish line I didn’t hear the crowds. I heard the closing notes of the show’s jaunty theme tune.