The Great Scottish Swim – Saturday 23rd August – 00:36:30

The great Scottish swim is an annual event at Loch Lomond. They have a choice of races – half mile, mile, 2 mile and 5k. This year I did the mile as its just long enough to be a challenge but short enough to be fun!

Two years ago I did the race in 47 minutes, last year I did it in 37 min. So, this year, I should have do it in 27 minutes. Swimming is logicial? right? right? My hope was I’d be quicker than last year but I assumed by not much as I hadn’t trained for it. After Iron Man UK I’ve only being swimming for fun which means 1km at most in the pool.

The weather was a bit overcast but there wasn’t much wind. It rained allot in the run up to the event and there hadn’t been much sunshine so I assume the water would be chilly. The announcer said it was 14C which felt OK to me but allot of the non Scottish competitors were scared. They scrambled around the swim stalls looking to purchases neoprene gloves and hats.

The start was a walk in from the pier. Annoyingly the timing chip starts before I enter the water so time is lost waiting to get in and then lost again as I try to swim past the crush of people at the start.

I set off fast, for me, to try and get some space. The greyness of day meant there wasn’t much to sight against. Everything was washed out. I aimed for the buoys but it always felt like a struggle to spot them.

I kept out of trouble all the way round and hardly saw a soul.

My timing chip fell off half way round. When attaching it, I had thought “this won’t hold.” I should have listened to myself!

The finish is up a ramp. Last year the timing mat for a finish time was at the start of the ramp. This year it was moved to a point much further away. I think that mean I can knock a minute off my time!

After the race I spotted the winner of the professional race. He looked like a Dairylea triangle with legs.