Bella Belter 10k – Friday 7th August – 47:00:00

The race is two laps of Pollok park. The exact same course as the Jimmy Irvine 10k which I did a month ago.

Tonight Rangers were playing at Ibrox so I headed over early to beat traffic as the road are very busy around Pollok during matches. My brother forget the game was on. He had to abandon his car nearby before jogging to the start otherwise he’s have been late.

Although the race is cheaper than the Jimmy Irvine 10K it only had half the number of participants. Maybe everyone who was missing was a Rangers Fan!

Its only been a few weeks since Iron man so this was my first proper run.Ii was please to get round in a reasonable steady time. The only highlight was my brother trying to convince me to enter the Marathon Des Sables. That will definitely NOT HAPPEN!