Stirling Triathalon – 7th June 2015

Stirling Triathalon is held next to the Wallace monument. It was built there because they couldn’t agree whether to build it in Glasgow or Edinburgh. They compromised and built it in-between – Stirling!

This year’s race started earlier than ever as the organisers wanted to avoid the roundabouts getting too busy with cars. This meant a 0530 start in glasgow to be able to register before 0645.

Swim (00:15:35) 

I was due to start in Pool B so when the PA system said “Pool B is on the left” I went left. A volunteer then asked me why I was at that pool. I replied it was due to the announcement which said its on the left. They looked at me and then angrily said no it didn’t. I announced to the right. No you didn’t. YES I DID! NO YOU DIDN’T YOU SAID LEFT. They definitely said left because the man next to me asked after the announcement. “Did they say left?”

There was only two other in my lane swim lane which was good as each of us could swim at our own pace. I started last but quickly overtook the other two. I don’t think that makes me fast, it just makes me bad at entering my predicted swim time!

Bike (00:41:12)

Last year I wrote “The bike ride was a nice loop out from the university out to the ochils. The road’s were quiet and there was virtually no wind so it was  a pleasant spin. My only tactic was just to overtake anyone I see ahead and don’t get overtaken by anyone behind!”

This year was identical but change virtually no wind to lots of wind! On the way out I was doing 26MPH. On the way back into the wind I did 11MPH

Run (00:24:04)

The run was two loops which included a short but steep hill. I only have one pace so as much as I’d like to go quick, I can’t. I stuck to my ace and the run was fine.


I was 1s quicker than last year which definitely puts the marginal into marginal gains. I enjoyed the race and was happy with how I felt.