Caledonian Etape (81 Miles) – Sunday 10th May – 04:44:10

The first time I did this race it rained,  and then next time and the time after that and this time. This year was the wettest yet. Any shop selling waterproof cycling gear within 100 miles of pitlochry must have done good business.

This year I was hoping to go faster than last but the terrible weather made that impossible. it was so wet I couldn’t get at gels and food without stopping the bike and removing gloves.

A race to be endured rather than enjoyed.




Grangemouth “Round The Houses” 10k – Sunday 12th April – 45:05:00

This 10k is called “Round the Houses” but a more apt name would be “Round the Checmical plant, the spitfire and the motorway”

Towards the end of the race I was jogging past a man who was talking to himself.

He shouted “YES! YOU CAN BEAST IT. LETS DO THIS” but he didnt run any faster than before his shout.

Then a minute later he shouted “YOU’RE FLYING NOW!! LETS FINISH THIS OFF!!” but again he didn’t run any faster.

This continued till we got to the stadium. As soon as he saw the crowd he changed his running style to the most over the top show-y off-y style I’ve eve seen. To top it off he screamed “ARGGHHHHH!” as he crossed the line.

I can’t understand why he would get so worked up about a simple run round the houses!