Great Scottish Run 10k – Sunday 5th October – 00:44:23

The first race I ever entered was the great Scottish run. It was a half marathon which I mistakenly thought was 10 miles long. You can imagine my disappointment when I got to the 10 mile point and I didn’t find the finish line!

This year I decided to to the 10k. Luckily the distance is in the title of the race so I knew how far it was too the finish.

The course starts with a slog up a hill before flattening out as it winds it way through motorway underpasses and ugly streets. The race wont trouble any “most scencic race” lists. The course is a bit slow as there are numerous pinch points where the sheer number of people force everyone to slow down as you can’t get past.

I have a pet hate that despite starting in the first wave which is supposed to be people running sub 45min it actually has pace markers for 50 and 55! The slow runners then get in the way of the faster ones.

I was happy with my time as I’d only done a little bit of running since Weymouth. The highlight of the race  was watching an old women run alongside her daughter. The daughter was proudly shouting at her mum encouraging and praising her.

It was so sweet to see them share this special moment across the generations.

It became an even better moment when the the mum took one look at the daughter and thanked her by shouting “why don’t YOU just F&#K OFF!!!”