This is  the highest cycling event taking place on a public road (632m) in the UK. It’s described as Scotland’s Alpe D’huez!

I’ve done this a couple of time before. The route is unremarkable butpleasant. What brings me back each year is the home baking. They have the best rest points of any race in the UK.

This year I was knackered after all the previous races so instead of doing the 100 mile route I dropped down to the 50 mile. I also forgot my bike shoes so did it in trainers.

The forecast was for sun. Unsurprisingly for Scotland it was raining. The first 8 miles is downhill but due to the rain it was tricky to see properly. I took it easy and enjoyed each rest stop. I’m sure it was the first race where I put on weight.

The hill climb at the end was enjoyable but I was glad that I didn’t do the 100 as I was definitely overly tired by the end.

Thankfully I now have a rest until the next race in August!


Chester Triathalon – 8th June 2014

Chester Triathalon is just a short hop over the border so I thought it would be a good triathlon to do before challenge Weymouth in September.

Chester is where Hollyoakes is filmed but I was disappointed to discover it’s not a real place! At university my mate worked for a comedy sketch group. They had one girl in the group. She couldn’t act, wasn’t funny but had massive breasts. Unsurprisingly she ended up on Hollyoakes.

Swim (00:34:25) 

The swim was in the river Dee. The announcer said the water was warm but it felt pretty chilly. Afterwards I heard the announcer say “I might have been wrong about the water temperature” as I watched a fellow competitor who did it without a wet suit try to control his shivering.

The swim was enjoyable. It was 900m approx up the river before turning and returning. My sighting was a bit better so I didn’t feel I’d zig-zagged too badly.

Once I got out of the water there was  a long distance up to transition.

My brother was already in transition but he was struggling to get out of his wetsuit so we ended up leaving together on the bikes.

Bike (00:40:29)

The bike ride was a nice loop out from the city into Wales and back. The road were excellent and it was virtually car free.

Run (00:48:16)

I felt much better on the run than I had recently. It was three loops of a riverside course with a water stop on each loop. It was enjoyable especially once I had worked out my brother wasn’t going to catch me.


A good race in nice weather. I’d definitely do it again.

Afterwards on the drive home I kept spotting fancy cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghini’s on the motorway. The gum-ball rally was going from Edinburgh to Manchester. It was distracting but made the journey back more interesting.

Stirling Triathalon – 1st June 2014

Stirling Tirathalon is held in and around Stirling University. The changing facilities have pictures of the university’s sports teams. The football team wear football strips, the tennis team wear tennis tops and the surf team dress like beach bums!

As per usual there was a long delay between registering and racing. Triathlons are good for my brain as all the free time means I can read a good chunk of a book whilst I wait.

Swim (00:17:48) 

I’d put my time down earlier in the year as 19 min but I’d forgotten to update it as I’ve got better at swimming. I therefore started in a lane with all the the folk who can’t do front crawl. I took it slow and overtook where I could but it meant I was slower than I’d have liked.

Bike (00:40:29)

The bike ride was a nice loop out from the university out to the ochils. The road’s were quiet and there was virtually no wind so it was  a pleasant spin. My only tactic was just to overtake anyone I see ahead and don’t get overtaken by anyone behind!

Run (00:23:40)

My running is pretty bad at the momment. I’ve been too lazy to go out and train. I’ll need to get back to what I was doing earlier in the year. The run was two loops which included a short but steep hill. Lucklily I knew one of the marshalls so I could have a quick chat with a friendly face on each lap.


A good race in nice weather with the added bonus that I could go and visit my folks in Aberfeldy afterwards!