Why Rangers’ CVA was rejected

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Rangers CVA will be rejected and replaced with an HMRC F.U. In that case I can exclusively reveal the reason why. HMRC are suspicious that Charles Green may be another Craig Whyte slye chancer as his CVA offer looks suspiciously like one the club has seen before….

Dear Rangers Board Duff and Phelps,

I ,craig whyte Charles Green, wish to purchaseGlasgow Rangers Glasgow Rangers (In administration) for the price of £1 £2. Proof of funding comes from David Grier my “mystery” consortium.

Doubters HMRC wonder about my history. I am a successful Monaco Yorkshire based businessman who made my money name by building up breaking downcompanies Shefield United. I’ve supported the “teddy bears”  “mighty Gers” since I was a young boy informed of their predicament.

I give my full support to Walter Smith Ally McCoist and plan to make 20 million 30 million pounds available to the club. He will get funds to buy star players Rino Gattuso. I ask all fans toback the team buy season tickets.

I will not rename the stadium, not sell the club’s star players and not sell the training ground to fund the club. This club must live with in its means a loan to my company.

I urge you to accept my offer cva. I promise not to bring the club into disrepute like the previous owner David Murray Craig Whyte

Yours Sincerely

Craig Whyte Charles Green
May 2011 2012


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